Whatkarenfound is a documentary blog for one year only of my fashion and lifestyle items I find and buy. I am not a conventional shopper. I find high street and shopping centers/ complexes uninspiring and patronizing! I shop alternatively, Charity Shops, Boot Sales, Markets, Auctions, Antique Centre's, Retro Shops and the good old Jumble sales. This is an experiment to see if what I find inspires my work as a designer and stylist. All content on this blog is created by Karen Savage. Enjoy !

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Karen Savage is a Feminist in the Fashion Industry. A thinker with a heart, who would like to share her Savage world. For over two decades, Karen Savage’s keen sense of ‘now’ and exuberant sense of humour have lead her on a gloriously winding path, questioning everything ‘fashion’ has to offer. From Designer to Stylist, Trend Forecaster to Creative Director, Blogger and Artist - Karen Savage has been there, done that and turned ‘fashion’ on its head and into something new. Karen is outspoken and charming, a self-proclaimed ‘Council Estate Princess’ via Birkenhead. The Independent crowned her the ‘Queen of Tongue n Chic’. Karen first sprung to public consciousness in the early 90s with her own critically-acclaimed fashion label SAVAGE and her controversial slogan-tees. She explores themes of feminism and sustainability in her work. The UK press just couldn't get enough of this ironic designer and everyone from Just 17, The Times to Radio 4s Women’s Hour has interviewed Karen Savage. Karen Savage is a Senior Lecturer at The London College of Fashion, St. Martin's College of Art and The Hong Kong Design Institute. She also freelances as a Creative Director in Print and Licensing.

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Monday, 15 February 2010

It takes two baby me and you!

So onto the next posting, thank you for the response I have had from friends about this blog. Makes the cockles of my heart sizzle and fire up to look for more ! Ok so I love January shopping because it’s always about a sale and lots of bargains to be found. It’s strange shopping / finding now knowing that I am doing this as its hard not to edit to much. This month seems to be about romance and couples and when I found some of these fuys in January, Valentines Day was way out of mind. I am not a big fan of the commercial side of Valentines but love the visual feast and idea of real romance. Low on clothes in my fuys this month and more jewelry 70s and 80s, still not grumbling, loving every minute finding and wearing my fuys.

Happy Fuying

Karen x

80s enameled bow broach from a Charity in Berkshire, give me a lapel and I will always fill it. Love the graphic enameling that gives an 80s graphic feel. Bought it and put it right on there and then, fuy and wear!

80s plastic black and gold earrings and broach set from an Antique Fair in Staines. First up, finding sets in vintage is a big plus and secondly not sure why yet a bit Angie Watts from early East Enders sprang to mind but why did I fuy ?

Couldn't resist doing a Wizard of Oz image when photographing these !

Cowgirl Boots (not Cowboy) from Dune Bond Street, London in the sale. Getting a bit over my uggs and wanted another pair of everyday boots to replace the whole that will be left when I toss uggs to one side. ( can I do it ? ) I always slip up with boots as I think surly someone has come up with a solution for ladies with chunkier calf’s, no no no! So its mid length Cowgirls with shaped top, very flattering. Feel like I am channeling Annie Oakley (Google her she is so fab my new style icon) in them.

Address book Charity shop in Berkshire, great pattern, good size, need a new one! Not going to slip up with the loose my blackberry loose my numbers , oh no !
Spotted camping cups in a Charity shop in Berkshire. To quote the lady behind the counter “I saw you make a bee line for those” Cute little cups to sit road fire in garden or full on glamping experience. Would love to find more of these, let’s see ?

Victoria Sponge from Staines Antique Fair. I debated about putting this in but it looks to good and tastes too good to leave out and I couldn't’t stop photographing it. I know need to get out more. Home made gem with all ingredients typed on sticker, love simplicity. Bought for a meeting, enjoyed by all and meeting went well too.

Historical couple’s glasses from Charity shop in Berkshire (big haul that day) this is part of my it takes two vibe. Love the prints and how they look as if they are walking on air when on a dinning table, remind me of the famous fake fairies photo.

Tapestry made in 1975 most probably machine made of Victorian Ladies in Garden from an Auction in Berkshire. Love the subject and that it’s so very female and fertile. Bought it with a view to making a big cushion out of it as not to keen on the frame.

Steel and blue stone pendent from Charity shop in Berkshire. Got a thing for pendants especially 60s and 70s.

Agate stone pendent 70s harking back to Victorian love of stones and fossils, another one for the collection.